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This is a pictorial of equipment built by Arthur Engineering




Sheep Restraining Conveyor.




Twin Splitting Platform (Rise & Fall)




Tripe Wash Machine (internal View)




Operator Platform (Rise & Fall)




Sheep Head of Rail Assembly




Beef Dressing Conveyor




Beef Runner Machine




Sheep & Pig Lowerator Conveyor




Boot & Apron Wash Platform (Beef Evisceration)



Tripe Wash Machine.



Beef Upward Puller




Pig Polisher




Combined Pig & Sheep
Slaughter Floor System.




Sheep Trimming Conveyor prior to Boning




Sheep Head Splitting Machine




Hand Wash Basin
with Knife Sterilizer




Pig Scald Tank & Drag Conveyor




Beef Chiller Ralls




Sheep Chiller Rails




Sheep Storage
and Lead Out Rails




Beef Evisceration Table Conveyor




Beef Downward Puller




Beef & Sheep Head of Rail




Beef 1st & 2nd. Leg Hoists
(Manual Operation)




Beef Auto Lander & Hoist.




Slaughter Floor - Platforms

Beef Line ] Sheep Line ] [ Equipment ]