Meat Processing Equipment
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AE Arthur Engineering

Food Processing equipment

Specialists in Meat Processing Equipment

Arthur Engineering has established itself as one of Australia’s leading Abattoir suppliers. The company designs, manufactures, installs and commissions all our own equipment to the clients specifications. Arthur Engineering is a quality organisation, Silvo has built a professional team who take pride in their workmanship and are totally committed to the client’s brief.

Arthur Engineering provide total solutions to the food processing industry and specialize in meat processing equipment for Beef and Sheep.  At Arthur Engineering we understand that each client and their needs are different. We design custom processing equipment meeting and exceeding our clients needs and requirements.

“We use our extensive experience to provide solutions based on the best available technology.”

  • Complete Beef Slaughter Floor Systems including provision for Halal and Kosher.
  • Complete Mutton Slaughter Floor Systems including provision for Halal and Kosher.
  • Complete Pig Slaughter Floor Systems.
  • Custom Designed Small Stock Processing Systems.
  • Custom Designed Livestock Processing Systems.
  • Custom Designed Beef Side Boning Chain Conveyors.
  • Custom Designed Beef Quarter Boning Chain Conveyors.
  • Custom Designed T able Boning Rail Systems.
  • Custom Designed Chiller Rail Systems.
  • Custom Designed Beef Hot Meat Drying Conveyor Systems.
  • Custom Designed Mutton Hot Meat Drying Conveyor Systems.
  • Custom Designed Belt Conveyors.
  • Custom Designed Overhead and Screw Conveyors.
  • Custom Designed Rise and Fall Platforms.
  • Custom Designed Beef, Mutton and Pig Restrainer Conveyors.
  • Beef Knocking Boxes with Cradle Assemblies.
  • Beef Knocking Boxes for Kosher Ritual Slaying.
  • Auto Beef Hoists and Landing Gear.
  • Upward and Downward Action Beef Hide Pullers.
  • Miscellaneous Slaughter Floor and Boning Room Platforms and Walkways.
  • Beef Knocking Box with Landing Cradle.
  • Lifting Hoist, (Pneumatic Operated)
  • Beef Cheek Chisel & Jaw Breaker / Puller on a Rail (Video to be attached to Website)
  • Evisceration Table Conveyors.
  • Wash Cabinets. Platforms.
  • Lowerator & Elevator Conveyors. Complete Meat Boning Room Equipment.
  • Miscellaneous Meat, Offal and By-products Equipment and Machinery.
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  • Sheep Restraining Conveyor
  • Twin Splitting Platform (Rise & Fall)
  • Tripe Wash Machine
  • Operator Platform (Rise & Fall)
  • Sheep Head of Rail Assembly
  • Beef Dressing Conveyor
  • Beef Runner Machine
  • Sheep & Pig Lowerator Conveyor
  • Boot & Apron Wash Platform
  • Tripe Wash Machine
  • Beef Evisceration Table Conveyor
  • Beef Downward Puller
  • Beef Auto Lander & Hoist
  • Slaughter Floor – Platforms
  • Sheep Chiller Rails
  • Sheep Storage and Lead Out Rails
  • Beef & Sheep Head of Rail
  • Beef Upward Puller
  • Beef 1st & 2nd. Leg Hoists (Manual Operation)
  • Pig Polisher
  • Combined Pig & Sheep Slaughter Floor System
  • Sheep Trimming Conveyor prior to Boning
  • Sheep Head Splitting Machine
  • Hand Wash Basin with Knife Steriliser
  • Beef Chiller Ralls